“Analyze This” Exhibition Opens Sept. 25, Showcases MIT and Florida Tech Aesthetics and Science

MELBOURNE, Fla.—Brevard Art Museum, in collaboration with Florida Institute of Technology, presents Analyze This: Scientific Art from MIT Museum and Artistic Science from Florida Tech. The exhibition opens at the Brevard Art Museum on Saturday, Sept. 25, and runs through Nov. 28.

The exhibit reflects on the questions, “Can artists be scientific?” “Can scientists be creative?” Analyze This posits the hypothesis that artists are careful observers and scientists are innovative thinkers. The exhibit investigates the role creativity plays across diverse disciplines of aesthetic practice and scientific inquiry.

Here’s the evidence: From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum Collection: Ports and Ships: Photographs by Andrea Frank (on view through Oct. 31), Connections: Data Portraits by the Sociable Media Group and holograms by various artists.

From Florida Institute of Technology: RALOS Blended Wing Body Plane – a senior design project; X-ray Observations of Lightning and Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes by Professor Joseph Dwyer; engineered wallpaper by Wook Kim; digital models of swarm intelligence by Associate Professor Ronaldo Menezes; and human motion patterns by Associate Professor Eraldo Ribeiro.

From the Florida Tech College of Engineering, the piece, Human Motion Patterns, was created by Associate Professor Eraldo Ribeiro and Ph.D. candidate in computer sciences Wei Liu. The piece, Digital Models of Swarm Intelligence and Networks, was created by Associate Professor Ronaldo Menezes and his students Ph.D. candidate Ben Collingsworth and undergraduates Jonathan Mason and Harry Bullen.

“Who said you are either left brain or right brain dominant? I believe we are using our whole brain—both analytical and creative. This exhibit will demonstrate how we use our whole mind,” explains Florida Tech President Anthony J. Catanese.

President of the Brevard Art Museum, Steven Maklansky, comments, “Both artists and scientists collect and interpret data in their efforts to describe their environments, and then share it in compelling fashion. Here on the Space Coast there is such great appreciation for technological innovation as an expression of human potential, so the Museum can be an interdisciplinary forum where our audiences contemplate fascinating artistic and scientific pursuits.”

Analyze This is presented with the support of Florida Tech and The Brevard Art Museum’s Exhibition Fund. The exhibition is curated by Maklansky, BAM Curator of Exhibitions Jackie Borsanyi, and Director of Florida Tech’s Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts Carla Funk.

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Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 1 to 5 p.m., and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., sponsored by Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service.

Admission: Adults $5; seniors $3; children and students with I.D. $2. Free for Museum members. Special rates and tours are available for groups of eight or more, and can be scheduled by calling Tina at (321) 242-0737 at least two weeks in advance.

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