Applied Mathematics Careers: What to Expect

When you think about applied mathematics careers, the image of sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day might come to mind. Thankfully, the reality is much more interesting. While some who get an applied mathematics degree do work in offices behind desks, many other options exist for careers in this degree field.

applied mathematics careers
Applied mathematics majors can go in many different directions after completing a degree.

What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied mathematics uses mathematical principles to solve problems in a number of different environments — research labs, corporations, or government organizations, to name a few. It is used in engineering, information technology, and various other scientific fields in a variety of ways.

Applied mathematics careers include a wide variety of professions. Graduates in this field can work as engineers, architects, lab technicians, consultants, investment bankers, manufacturers of many different kinds, oil producers, professors, researchers, and retailers. They can work for contractors, energy systems companies, computer software companies, chemical or pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, consumer products companies, and many more.

In addition to those listed above, some of the industries that hire applied mathematicians include aerospace, financial, communications, and government agencies.

How Numbers Are Now Involved in Everything

The applications for mathematics in government and business used to be fairly limited to a few industries that used math directly in their fields, like engineering and aerospace technology. Today, however, nearly every medium and larger business uses applied mathematics to gather and analyze data related to everything from job performance to profit margins.

Algorithms are used in software, mobile apps, and most data-gathering programs. Another major user of algorithms is automation programs that make processes easier and aim to save time for users. Algorithms are increasingly used in advertising to predict consumer behavior and determine how to present ads and sales pitches to prospective customers.

For algorithms to work, someone has to create them. That someone is an applied mathematician (often with the help of a computer.) Without algorithms created with at least some influence by an applied mathematician, the internet as we know it today would not exist.


applied mathematics careers
There are many types of manufacturing industries that need applied mathematicians.

Applied Mathematics Careers: Preparing for the Profession

When considering a career in applied mathematics, it’s important to think about what background you will need in order to achieve your career goals. A degree in applied mathematics can give job seekers the flexibility to specialize in any number of fields that they may want to enter.

Florida Tech understands the explosion of applied mathematics specialties, and our qualified faculty will guide students to the best courses and coursework for their career goals. Research opportunities will prepare students to work in real-world contexts and gain experience even before graduation.

The faculty-to-student ratio is small at Florida Tech, so students can participate in an academic community that will help them develop their ideas and collaborate with faculty and other students in various subject areas.

The world needs more applied mathematicians to solve increasingly complex business and organizational problems and create the structures that will make up the world we live in. A degree in applied mathematics will give students the knowledge and tools they need to become leaders and innovators in this exciting and growing field. Learn more about our mathematics program and see how you can benefit from a Florida Tech education.


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