How to Approach Difficult Conversations

(Photo: Jan Sullivan-Chalmers)

We’ve all been there – whether it was asking a boss early on in our career for a better schedule, talking to an uncooperative coworker or even as a supervisor having to let an employee go – difficult conversations abound in the business world everyday.

Knowing how to handle these conversations can mean the difference between gaining your intended outcome and severely damaging critical work relationships.

Preparation is the key to any tough conversation, and this week one of our IGNITE mentors, Jan Sullivan-Chalmers, gives some sage advice on how to best prepare… and the four steps you can take to get through your next difficult conversation.

Click Here to read Jan’s column in this week’s FLORIDA TODAY Business Section.

Blog post written by Beth Gitlin, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Jan Sullivan-Chalmers, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on September 2, 2014 – The Edge: Having a Difficult Conversation: It’s All in the Preparation

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