Association of Fraternity Advisors Elects Florida Techs Assistant Dean for Student Activities Region II Director

MELBOURNE, FLA. ‒‒ After the Association of Fraternity Advisors’ (AFS) October elections, Florida Tech’s assistant dean for student activities, Sara Mayer,
found herself with an additional role as director for Region II.
The position will mean many new responsibilities for Mayer such as overseeing the region’s membership activities. These include the work of 355
representative members in over 300 universities across 10 states. Mayer will also promote the mission and benefits of AFS throughout Region II and
supervise the activities and programs of the regional volunteers, with a special focus on membership recruitment initiatives.
Since becoming a member in 2000, Mayer has held many other positions. The last was Association of Fraternity Advisors First 90 Days Program Chair 2006.

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