At Florida Tech, We Work AND Play!

So, the second week of school marks something that most people really start to dread… STUDYING. Sometimes it can seem as if there is no time for anything else because there is so much work to be done and so little time to do it, but as long as you manage your time, things will all work out in the end. A few hints for handling the stress of a busy day and a challenging workload:

1. Use any gaps in your day to keep up with reading for class and get homework done. If you have a two hour gap in your day and your day goes until five, but that episode of NCIS is on at 6 and you just can’t miss it, do some work in your two hour gap! Not only does it help you reinforce the information that you learn, but it’s a great time to get homework done so that you can still have a social life.

2. Don’t wait to study until the last minute. I know it’s hard to think about studying every night, but it’s a lot easier to remember material over a long period of time than it is to cram it in all in one night. By taking an hour to study notes or make note cards each night, you won’t have to worry about having to cram for your exam over the weekend while all of your friends are out to dinner or bowling or having epic movie nights. This strategy also helps make sure that you get the right amount of sleep for each exam.


So a quick recap: use gaps in your day to study and do work to keep time open for fun things to do on campus, and don’t wait until the last minute to study. Now, let’s talk a bit about the fun stuff to do on campus.


I’ve only been at Florida Tech for a few weeks now, but I have discovered that there is pretty much any club imaginable to join, even those pertaining to your major. For science majors, there are pre-med clubs and the Biological Honor Society and the Marine Biology Society, and lots of seminars and lectures that you can go to for FREE. There are numerous engineering clubs and organizations, not to mention plenty of leisure activities for anyone to do.

Always wanted to learn how to surf? There’s a club for that.

Always wanted to learn how to sail? There’s a club for that.

Just want to play some games and watch sci-fi movies? There’s a club for that.

Whether it’s a hobby or academic based activity, Florida Tech has several clubs for you to choose from.

So, what clubs or activities are you interested in?

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