Aviation Graduate Student’s Guide to Internships

An opportunity for the perfect internship might come at any moment. First thing’s first, you need to be prepared to apply for the internship. Most internship postings ask for a minimum of a cover letter and resume to be forwarded to the company. As a Florida Tech student, there are many resources to help you develop and critique the perfect cover letter and resume that will put you above the rest.

Career Management Services

Career Management Services at Florida Tech provides career and job search services to students and alumni. Whether you are on their website or in their offices, there are tools to help you write your resume and cover letters, prepare for interviews and network with companies and Florida Tech alumni. In addition, they offer workshops throughout each semester on subjects such as:

  • Dress 2 Impress
  • Career Fair Prep
  • Resume Writing
  • The Secrets of LinkedIn
  • Networking
  • Proper Business Etiquette
  • Interacting with Employers
  • Interviewing Skills

These workshops offered to students are perfect opportunities to gain skills that will help you get the internship or job you have been dreaming of.

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Career Management Services Website Homepage

Get College Credit for Resume Writing

Although, most undergraduate students are required to take this class, Business and Professional Writing can enhance your skills in writing a lot of professional documents. Throughout the semester, you will learn how to write documents like proposals and memos that will be helpful once you become an executive at a company. In addition, you will complete the semester with a professional, reviewed and revised resume and cover letter ready for any internship or job application.

Google at its Best

If you are home by yourself and need help applying for an internship with a resume and cover letter above the rest, don’t forget that Google can be your best friend. If you search “how to write a resume,” many helpful sites will be available to your use. Here are some that have been very helpful to me:

Patience is Key

Throughout college, you will come across many opportunities that will come and go. It is important to be organized and have all of your documents, such as cover letter, resume, references and transcripts, ready whenever the opportunity presents itself. Being organized and having this information prepared will make the application processes very simple and easy. As a Florida Tech student, the College of Aeronautics will pass on many internship notifications, and being a Florida Tech student, you are already classified ahead of a lot of other applicants. In addition, don’t hesitate to visit websites like AAAE, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and many other aviation companies and organizations for internship postings and opportunities.

It is also important to stay patient and not to become discouraged. The aviation industry is very competitive, but there is a place for everyone. I have applied to several internships where I have not been accepted, but that has never stopped me. All of my hard work and persistence has finally paid off! I have just recently been notified that I was accepted for the Melbourne International Airport internship and will be starting within the next few weeks. Please stay tuned to my blog to learn all about the internship, my experiences and what I am learning!


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