4 Signs Aviation Management Might Be Your Dream Major

How can you decide on a college major? Hope you have a prophetic vision in the night? Play “Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo”? No and no. The best way to pick a college major is to search your heart and find what you’re truly passionate about. Then, compare those passions with the skills needed to do a particular job well. For many, that means anything and everything to do with airplanes and flying. Are you destined for an aviation management degree? By the year 2034, the airline industry expects to be handling over 1 billion passengers per year. That’s serious business! Here are some signs that you have a career waiting in aviation.

1. If you could choose any superpower, it would be flying

aviation management Forget superhuman strength, the ability to see through steel, or even being invisible. If you could pick any superpower it would definitely be flying. For those who’ve always been mesmerized by flight, an aviation management degree is a stepping stone toward a fulfilling career working with aircraft of all types and sizes.

Jobs in aviation extend far beyond being a pilot. Airports and airlines need managers with solid business skills plus the ability to foresee industry trends and plan for the future. Airports need savvy, quick-thinking, level-headed leaders who can come up with fast solutions to complex issues. For those more interested in the supply chain than passenger transportation, about one-third of all traded goods are handled by airlines. This means there is a high demand for managers and supervisors to handle the freight side of the airline business. Whether you have a head for the business side of flying or a knack for the strategic thinking required of an airport director, if you love everything about flying, you’ll love aviation management.

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