So You’re Thinking of Being an Aviation Management Major

If you love to fly, and see your career in the aviation business, you’ll want to consider being an aviation management major. A comprehensive aviation management program offers a curriculum that not only gives you a complete overview of aviation, business and airport management/development, but the opportunity to do it together with a flight program.

Jump right into the aviation management major

Become an Aviation Management Major

You will begin your major-related courses in your first semester including meteorology, aviation, math and science. These will be the foundation for the rest of your degree in airport management. As an aviation management major you will then take a series of aviation and business courses in order to obtain a greater knowledge in economics and aviation physical science as well as completing your instrument rating and commercial pilot tests. All this time, you’ll be learning from faculty that are not only experienced pilots but experts in the business of aviation including aviation law, safety and finance.

Look for the best in flight training

When it comes to your flight training program, you will want to be confident you’re getting the best education.  Be sure to check out what kinds of computer labs and learning tools that are available. Research information about your training airport and the equipment on which you will be trained. Florida Tech’s flight program is located at the Melbourne International Airport which has a mix of air carrier and general aviation traffic on its three runways and 10 airports within a 50-mile radius. All of this will give you everything you need to be ready.

Get your type rating at the same time

At Florida Tech, every student majoring in aviation management  also has the option to pursue a type rating as an undergraduate, which is a huge advantage over graduates from other college aviation programs. Finish this program and you’ll graduate ready to fly the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircraft.

Don’t forget to check out the facilities

The sign of a great aviation college is its labs. At Florida Tech, you’ll find computer labs for airport design and planning plus a lab where you can fly desktop simulators adding to your experience.

Add on an air traffic control program

In addition, an FAA approved air traffic control specialization program is offered which can be combined with your degree in airport management.

You’re almost done

In your senior year, as an aviation management major, you will be putting your prior learned knowledge to the test as you take the rigorous courses that will make you a master in the aviation management field including aviation security, airport management, advanced aircraft operations and aviation law.





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