Awesome spots on campus

Pictured: Olin Engineering Complex

So, as I’m writing this post, I’m in the lounge at the Olin Engineering Complex (OEC). The lounge is a place in the engineering building dedicated to studying and group work. In this lounge, there are multiple study tables that are great for doing work in groups as well as dedicated team rooms. There are some pretty big screens available that students can plug in their computers and collaborate with their group. The lounge is full of students during exam week, but you can usually always find a seat with some friends.

Some other great spots on campus are the Evans Library and the “Kat. Evans Library is another great study spot and is pretty much what you would expect a library to be. It has a total quiet zone on the third floor with some really cool “anti-gravity” chairs. I may or may not have fallen asleep in one.  It’s excellent for studying as any library would be, but there is also a coffee shop!  Last but not least is The Black Kat Kafé which is right next to the Rathskeller (the Rat). The “Kat” is a coffee lounge of sorts. There are couches surrounding tables and a bar where they make an excellent variety of milkshakes, coffee and dessert (try the PB&J milkshake).  You can bring your homework or a book to read and enjoy a nice coffee or a cheesecake or just sit at the bar and talk to your favorite employee!

There are just a few examples of my favorite places around campus to study or hangout.  They are always changing, so I’ll probably make another one of these posts next year.

What is your favorite place to hang out or study on campus?

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