Bats have Mohawks?!

Today  at Marine and Environmental Science Camp, we met with Wildlife Ecologist Shari Blissett-Clark, of Bat Belfrys and the Florida Bat Conservancy, to learn about Bats. In the secret life of bats discussion, campers learned about the many different types of bats. One bat (Chapin’s Bat) has big ears, round eyes, and a mohawk hairdo. They are able to raise and lower the mohawk, which is only found on male bats. It is believed this hairdo allows the males to attract mates. Shari also taught Marine and Envrionmental Science campers about bat diets, habitats, and debunked some of the common myths-bats do not drink human blood! And of course, no lesson about bats is complete without a visit from some live bats! Check out our photos below.

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