The 7 Top Academic Programs at Florida Colleges

Students will be well-prepared for many careers by these programs of study

The quality of a college’s academics is probably the most important factor in a student’s decision about where to attend. More than an attractive or pleasing location or how fancy the campus is, the quality of the education will be what matters most once a degree is earned and students are looking for employment.

Florida colleges are able to offer top-notch academics in many areas because of the surrounding companies and government agencies that partner with these colleges to offer unique opportunities for internships and training programs. Many Florida colleges are also able to keep their class sizes small—particularly the private institutions that don’t rely on government funding.

Here are some of the best academic programs in Florida offered to students by colleges there.

Best academic programs in Florida
Ocean engineers build offshore oil recovery rigs and other underwater ocean construction. Because of the location, ocean engineering is one of the best academic programs in Florida.

1. Environmental science.

Florida offers a unique advantage to students looking to study environmental science because of the miles of coastline that can be studied for environmental impacts and tested for experimental new techniques to preserve these areas. The real-world training that students need to understand and practice environmental science is close at hand for many Florida colleges.

2. Ocean engineering.

This field has many applications including offshore oil recovery, monitoring and counteracting coastal changes due to climate change, and underwater vehicle design and construction. Again, the close proximity to the ocean can help in this course of study.

3. Aquaculture.

New innovations are making it within the realm of possibility to grow food underwater, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. As this field is explored, Florida will be at the forefront of these technologies and has much to offer that is unique to other areas.

Best academic programs in Florida
Studying the weather in Florida can mean everything from examining hurricanes to climate change.

4. Aerospace science.

Florida is home to NASA, the Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX, Boeing, and many other aerospace companies that need well-trained workers to carry out research and development as well as test and implement new initiatives. Students at Florida colleges are uniquely positioned to get their foot in the door at these and other organizations by going to school so close by.

5. Meteorology.

As last year’s hurricane season showed, Florida has some interesting weather and is well-situated for the study of weather and how to measure and forecast it. Aviation meteorology is a more specialized major within meteorology, and with Florida’s strong aeronautics and aerospace presence, graduates who’ve specialized in this discipline will be well-suited for open positions.

6. Management.

Management is a broad category, and Florida businesses need management majors to run operations and provide leadership. Project management, logistics, systems management, and many other majors can provide skills specific to a particular industry or more generalized management abilities when needed as well.

7. Computer science.

Computers and other technologies are being used in nearly every industry now to perform calculations, collect and analyze data, and streamline processes that used to take a lot of time and energy. Professionals in nearly every field listed here will need the help of computer scientists to be at their most effective and move forward in their fields.

Florida Tech is at the forefront of all the top majors for Florida college students and more, with an ideal location for many majors both near the Space Coast and also near environmental habitats for study. Interested in one of the best academic programs in Florida? Learn more about our Ocean Engineering program, and watch for our upcoming blog article on the true cost of going to college in Florida.


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