Biological Sciences Department Research Opportunities

2012 Galapagos Field Expedition next to a lava field!

Florida Tech’s Biological Sciences Department is one of the reasons why Florida Tech is at the forefront of cutting-edge research. The department offers degrees in several disciplines such as aquaculture, biochemistry, conservation biology and ecology, general biology, marine biology, molecular biology and premedical biology. Furthermore, our department is fully equipped for a variety of research needs with a state-of-the-art Center for High Resolution Microscopy and Imaging, Sport Fishing Research Institute and Vero Beach Marine Laboratory.

Emphasis on Student Research

One of the reasons why Florida Tech’s biology department is an ideal place to earn your degree is because the department encourages its students to be involved in research opportunities. For example, the laboratory component of each undergraduate course focuses on training students in proper laboratory techniques. Furthermore, many of our ecology courses require students to conduct original research, both in field and laboratory settings. Having a wet-lab on campus also allows students to study a variety of organisms under controlled environmental conditions.

Study Abroad

We also have study abroad field programs in exotic locations such as Australia, Galapagos, South America, and Puerto Rico. These programs allow students to study and research unique ecosystems in both terrestrial and marine ecology. I received both my B.S. and M.S. from the Biological Sciences Department where I spent my much of my time conducting research along the Indian River Lagoon and at Sebastian Inlet. I also participated in the Australia and Galapagos field research expeditions. The field and research experiences I had through matriculation allowed me to realize that science/biology was the right career choice. So, if you think science (biology) is for you…come check us out!


Here I am conducting research and collecting crabs with Fish and Wildlife for one of my research projects.
Here I am conducting research and collecting crabs with Fish and Wildlife for one of my research projects.
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