Brevard Symphony Orchestra and WFIT Collaborate

MELBOURNE, FLA. — In a collaboration between Florida Tech’s WFIT and the Brevard Symphony Orchestra (BSO), selections from the BSO’s past concerts will be
aired on WFIT. Tune to 89.5 FM on Sunday March 11 at 6 pm for Classics for a Sunday Evening.
Host Bill Carrigan will begin the program with the Overture to Candide. He will feature Tchaikovsky’s Pathe’tique as a final selection in the three-hour
program. The BSO featured these pieces live at the King Center in fall 2006.
The joint project between WFIT and the BSO is an effort to bring the classics to the community.
According to Todd Kennedy, program director of WFIT, “Broadcasting segments of the BSO’s concerts gives us a great opportunity to share the valuable
talents of our local symphony orchestra with WFIT’s listening audience. We look forward to working with the BSO in future broadcasts of their 06/07

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