So You’re Thinking of Being a Business Administration Major

Majoring in business administration offers a student, who wants to go into business, all the tools needed to succeed after college. Because the business world is constantly changing, the program curriculum has to be dynamic, updating with new courses and activities that ensure it stays relevant to conditions in the workplace and management career fields.

business-administration major
So you want to be a Business Administration major

As a business administration major, you’ll want to look for a curriculum that offers you courses in the first year that allow you to jump right in. Courses like Global Business Perspectives, Macroeconomics and Computer Applications for Business will immediately broaden your base of knowledge and give you a strong indication of what interests you most.

As a sophomore you can look forward to more general business courses that will strengthen your base knowledge, including Statistics for Business and Management Principles. As a business administration major, this will provide you with the strong background needed for future study and application in your career.

Its junior year and you’re ready to specialize. This means taking advanced courses such as Corporate Finance, Management Information Systems and Marketing Principles. This is also the time you’ll want to make sure you’re developing the additional business skills you are going to need in the areas of accounting, economics, human resources,  management and organizational behavior.

No matter which year you are, now’s the time to look for hands-on growth opportunities participating in as many as you can. At Florida Tech, there is lots of options from which to choose. You’ll create a business plan for a new start-up or you can develop your own business in the student business incubator. Florida Tech’s business administration majors also take part in a comprehensive business practicum that allows you to perform a “live case analysis” on a business of your choosing. There are also lots of student projects that are later entered into national competitions.

When you enter your senior year as a business administration major, you’ll have tons of hands-on experience that you can utilize to master your field and complete rigorous courses like Business Strategy and Policy, Production/Operations Management and International Business.

So if you’re looking for a focused curriculum that will give you the tools to get where you want to go after college, Florida Tech is the school for you.


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