Campus Involvement IS University Experience

It’s amazing what events are considered part of the first-year experience at Florida Tech. Sure, there are the prerequisite classes and the hours of homework that you would associate with a rigorous university… but what about baseball games?

As part of the University Experience course this spring, students are now earning points toward their grade by attending baseball games, basketball games, softball games, theatre events, and wellness seminars. Departments and organizations have offered these events for years, and students have attended them, but let’s face it… everyone wants more students to show up at their event. This spring, a few more students have an incentive to attend these events.

To receive credit, students must show up at the events that are designated by the UE course coordinator as eligible. They must check in with the UE representative and show their ID card. Once they sign in, students are asked to remain for the majority of the event (and for the entirety if the event is an hour or less) and sign out with the representative when they leave. Students get the opportunity to learn more about the different areas of the university, and individuals who coordinate these events receive a little more student support. We at the ASC hope that this will become a definite winning combination!

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