Can you spot the differences?

Have you ever wondered why we offer TWO systems to assist you with your job search?  Did you even know that we offer TWO systems?

Well, we do offer two different systems – and hopefully you will be able to spot the differences and use both to your advantage.

Panther Career Link

Panther Career Link is powered by CSO Research, with an online tool called My Interfase.  Career Management Services uses Panther Career Link (PCL) as its main customer relationship management (CRM) system.  PCL is a database that offers students, alumni, and employers the opportunity to meet each other virtually with the end goal of 1) getting you a job – whether it’s your dream job or an opportunity to build your skills for future jobs, and 2) helping employers find the talented person they were hoping to find for their open position.

New and current Florida Tech students already have an account created for them in PCL – they just may not realize it.  If you haven’t activated your account or ever signed in to PCL, you should do so today!  If you are an alumni and discover that you don’t have an account in PCL, you can either sign up yourself or contact us and we will get you signed up.

Once you have access to PCL, you can update your profile, upload your resume, search and apply for jobs, and learn about events and workshops being held by Career Management Services.  Additionally, you can enable employers to view your profile and opt-in to receive text messages from our office.


On the left-hand sidebar, you will notice a chalkboard notice that says “”.  This service is provided to you by CSO Research as yet another tool to assist you with your job search.

We allow employers to post jobs directly, or with the assistance of the Career Management Services office, post jobs on their behalf.  Additionally, our staff are constantly seeking out job opportunities for students and posting them in PCL, so make sure you log in often to see the new postings.  As previously mentioned, some employers are granted access to view students’ profiles to find out if they are the right fit for the job.  This is an optional setting that you can choose in PCL, and you can change your mind at any time.


CareerShift is a no-cost service that Career Management Services provides to anyone with a “” or “” email address.  What makes CareerShift different from PCL is that CareerShift scours the internet for job listings specific to search criteria, such as keywords, location, and other criteria – and helps you take control of your job search by saving your searches and managing your jobs.


The first page you see when you log into CareerShift is a listing of blog posts FULL of endless wisdom and tips for job seekers.  Take the time to read some of these articles – you will be glad you did!

Once you start using both of these tools in conjunction with one another, you will be glad to know that you have twice the power to take control of your job search!  And we are always here to help you, too!

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