Careers in Public Administration: 7 Signs One is Right for You

Careers in public administration offer many opportunities to develop and implement policies and programs that govern organizations and the public as a whole. Public administration is a demanding career that involves many different skills and responsibilities.

Here are some signs that you may be well-suited for one of the many careers in public administration.

Hint: wanting to be rich and famous isn’t one of them.

Careers in Public Administration
Public speaking is typically part of a public administrator’s job.

1. You naturally take charge in group situations.

Public administration careers require strong leadership skills, which can be developed but are sometimes natural as well. If you’re already taking charge of situations that need leadership and having success in doing so, it only makes sense to pursue a career that will use those skills.

2. You like studying a lot of different things.

Careers in public administration  may require you to study diverse subjects like economics, communications, law, and management or administration. The more you know, the better you are likely to be at making good decisions about policies and programs.

3. You enjoy being in the public eye.

Not all public administration majors end up in the public eye, but politicians, analysts, corporate leaders, and others in leadership positions are often called on to give interviews to the press, speak at press conferences, and make other announcements about the activities in which they are involved.

Careers in Public Administration
Handling pressure (and the press) is all part of a public administrator’s job.

4. You want to contribute to society or business.

Public administrators formulate the policies under which citizens live, and companies are run. If you have ideas and vision about public or corporate policy that you want to see become a reality, public administration can give you the opportunity to do so.

5. You are careful and ethical.

Reckless decisions that aren’t well thought-out or conducted with integrity can impact society or businesses negatively, so it’s important to be someone who carefully considers a course of action before implementing a policy or program that could have negative consequences for a constituency.

6. Ability to look at the big picture.

It can be extremely difficult to anticipate the broader impact of a policy or program as well as how it will affect society or an organization in the future. While studying different subjects will broaden your view of the world and give you some much-needed perspective, the innate ability to look at the big picture will also help you make good decisions in a public administration position.

7. Helping people is a driving force for you.

Public administration careers don’t often involve directly helping individuals on a daily basis the way other careers (doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer) do, but implementing policies and programs can help thousands of people in the short or long term. While health care and service professions make a definite difference in people’s lives, public administrators who make decisions can help people on a larger scale and impact many lives as well.

A master’s degree in public administration from Florida Tech will open doors to many opportunities to work for a government agency or a private company. You will learn valuable skills that will enable you to help others on a grand scale. Interested in learning more? Download the Master’s in Public Administration brochure now!


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