Catanese Announces Retirement Plans; McCay Named Successor

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Anthony J. Catanese

President and CEO Anthony J. Catanese announced on June 17 that he will retire from the university’s top leadership post next year, after 14 years of service. Catanese will officially conclude his tenure as president June 30, 2016.

“Serving as the president of this wonderful university has been one of the proudest accomplishments of my career,” Catanese said. “Florida Tech’s rise to prominence is truly exciting, and certainly ongoing. This is a very special place, made so by the people—the faculty, staff, students and alumni—who care deeply about the university and its mission.”

Phillip W. Farmer, board of trustees chairman, announced that executive vice president and COO T. Dwayne McCay has been appointed to succeed Catanese as president and CEO.

T. Dwayne McCay
T. Dwayne McCay

“Dr. Catanese has been the right leader at the right time in the evolution of Florida Tech,” Farmer said. “His legacy will be one of unparalleled growth and success. We have every expectation that Dr. McCay will extend that success, providing important continuity while exploring new areas of achievement.”

Over the next year, Catanese and McCay will work closely with the board of trustees to coordinate a transition process. Catanese plans to continue as a member of the Florida Tech faculty following his retirement, serving as a university research professor.

“Dr. Catanese makes no small plans,” McCay said. “His vision has helped us to achieve international recognition and to achieve it relatively quickly. I look forward to continuing the important work that he started.”

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