Central Asian Textiles Come to Brevard Museum

MELBOURNE, FLA.— Look for an explosion of colors and textures at Brevard Museum of Art and Science in an upcoming exhibit, Sept. 23 – Oct. 30. By special arrangement, Central Asian Textiles from the Ruth Funk Collection of Florida Tech and the Falasiri Collection will be on display.

This exhibit features a variety of garments and accessories woven and embellished by the Uzbek and Turkmen tribes of Central Asia from the 19th and 20th centuries. Items include robes, headdresses, hats, boots and bags, exuberantly decorated with traditional embroidery and made from the colorful and boldly patterned fabric known as ikat.

These objects represent both nomadic and urban styles with origins traceable to the middle ages. The wide variety of items highlights the prominent role played by decorative textiles in the daily lives of the Turkmen and Uzbek tribes. The rich details reveal the symbolic and social significance placed on dress and traditional design by these ancient Central Asian cultures.

The Exhibit is curated by Carla Funk, Office for Advancement, Florida Institute of Technology. The Brevard Museum of Art and Science is located at 1463 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Fla. For directions and exhibit information, call: (321) 242-0737.

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