Check Out Our New Social Media Portal

Did you know that there are over 100 Florida Tech associated Facebook and Twitter in the social media-sphere? It’s a lot to navigate, to say the least.  Florida Tech’s social media portal was designed to make it as easy as possible for students, faculty, alumni and the community to connect with the social media group that is most relevant to them.

By using either the search box or the built in filters, one is bound to find a Facebook page or Twitter handle that is home to like minded individuals.








Once you find the perfect fit, simply click on the colored square to go visit their page.










If you find that your current social media account isn’t listed in the social media portal, click on the Add button at the bottom of the portal to submit your page for inclusion.  Inclusion into the portal is up to the university’s discretion. Content that is deemed slanderous or inappropriate will not be eligible. Please keep in mind that outdated accounts that are not refreshing their content can be removed from the portal.



If you are new to social media and are needing guidance on getting started, please use the Help button to connect with our social media coordinator.




Florida Tech values social communities and embraces the use of social media by students, faculty and staff, so get out there and start connecting!

Florida Institute of Technology does not necessarily promote or endorse all content that is listed, posted or discussed in the various social media sites listed in the portal. The portal is merely intended to act as a clearing house of social media sites that are relevant to our community.

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