Clang! Clang! San Francisco Trolleys Come to Florida Tech

MELBOURNE, FLA.—New convenience and safety are arriving for Florida Institute of Technology students in the form of two former San Francisco tourist trolleys. Starting at the end of October, the trolleys will traverse the campus on the east and west sides of Babcock Street, helping faculty, staff and students get to classes and activities on time.

“The trolleys are such a good idea, all-around,” said President Anthony J. Catanese.” “We will all ride safely and conveniently and it will be fun, too.”

The trolleys’ bells are the same as those on the San Francisco cable cars, making a distinctive “clang-clang” as the trolleys travel around campus according to a regular route and schedule.

“We’ll get a novel perspective of the campus as we ride around as well as new way to get from here to there,” said T. Dwayne McCay, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

The trolleys were manufactured by Classic Trolley Co. of Medford, Ore.

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