Closets, Classes, College Players and Robots!

Summer is over and school is back in full swing, and so am I. I’ve moved to a new residence hall, taken on a new role in College Players, and got a job, all in a matter of weeks.

One of my desks, my fridge and microwave. Yes, this is my “kitchen”

I moved into Evans Hall, which was once used as a dining hall before Panther Dining Hall was built. It has been completely renovated and I now reside on the third floor, comfortably living in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom arrangement. I absolutely LOVE my room — it is enormous! I could do cartwheels and dance senselessly and still have room to spare. I also have not one, not two, but THREE closets. Yes, a girl’s paradise. I was even able to spread out all of my clothing and belongings and I still have room in my closet. I really enjoy this arrangement and will be very comfortable living here for a whole year.

My very blue bathroom.
Two of my three closets

Apart from my new living arrangements, classes are now in full swing. Thankfully, I’m a bit ahead for my scheduled curriculum, so I’m taking fewer classes than normal. I’m already noticing all the extra time I have on my hands as a result from taking 19 credits last semester to 14 this semester. Currently, I’m taking Materials, Statics, Calculus 3, and Fundamentals of Music. So far, my favorite class is Materials, which is taught by Dr. Brenner. His great sense of humor and thorough teaching style makes the class very enjoyable. Also, we get to do pretty cool stuff in the lab. We’ve already started doing a wiring lab where we assembled a circuit together from scratch.

I said, let there be light!

After classes and all the hard work, it’s really nice to have something a little fun. So, I’m back at Florida Tech’s very own College Players! It has been awesome seeing all my old friends from past shows and events as well as all the new faces. This year, I decided not to participate in the fall musical, but do more of the side stuff instead. I joined Players in Harmony (PIH) which is an a cappella group. We sing the national anthem at events like graduation and sports events, but also do modern contemporary songs and have super awesome singing battles. It’s also nice because everyone helps each other out with his or her singing and it really helps improve your voice over time

This is MotoMan He likes to play with rubiks cubes and board games

Finally, the most exciting and incredible thing to kick off my sophomore year here at Florida Tech: I am officially working at the Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory (RASSL). My freshman Intro to Mechanical Engineering professor, Dr. Larochelle, is the head of the lab and had a few work-study positions open. I applied and got the job! I literally screamed for joy when I found out I got it. I am assigned to a few ongoing projects and will be doing all sorts of shenanigans with robotics. I get to solder boards, machine new parts, help with coding and bring new ideas to all the projects. Best of all, I get paid! I will certainly keep everyone updated with my awesome hands-on work at the RASSL.

It looks like another promising and exciting year for me. What are you working on?

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