College Life: Only Boring People Get Bored

Whether the title is true or not, there is no reason to be bored while in college!
In college life, your work should always come first but after that, why not reward yourself?

Nom-noms A.K.A. Food Joints

On Palm Bay Road, right before the Super Walmart. Has college Mondays, where you get a free sandwich when you order a side and a medium soft drink. First off, I LOVE C.F.A. We don’t have one in New York City, so I cherish this place.

Green Tea A.K.A. Chinese Checkers
Make a left on Palm Bay Road (opposite direction of Walmart and C.F.A.) and it is on the left.
Now it looks sketchy, but I swear it’s okay. The people are nice and the food is delicious. They are open till 11pm! And they deliver.

Mustard’s Last Stand
East New Haven Avenue in Historic Downtown Melbourne
Cheap, delicious American food. Great for lunch or a quick bite.

Smokey Bones
On U.2. 192 near the mall. Pretty darn good barbeque. And trust me I’ve had barbeque all over the states, and though its not the same as a grandmas home barbeque, its right up there. It’s decently inexpensive and you’ll have a fun time.

Cracker Barrel
Down Palm Bay Road
BREAKFAST served all day and inexpensive.

All the way down U.S. 192 before the highway ramp.
$3 waffles and other “breakfasty” foods or lunch items 24/7. Great for sporadic 3am trips!


The Beach
Just make  a left on U.S. 192 when going down Babcock and go straight.
It’s great to go there after a long day and just sit there and relax. It’s fun on the weekends and sometimes at night as well. It’s great for meteor showers and star gazing.

Andretti’s Thrill Park
Make a right when leaving the school on Babcock.
Go-karts, arcade, mini-golfing… something to waste time on. Check their websites for their frequent discounts and grab a bunch of people.

Brevard Zoo
On North Wickham Road.
Over 180 animals representing over 100 species. And its the zoo, I love the zoo. Everyone’s inner child LOVES the zoo.

Skim City
Right before Indiatlantic Beach, the stores on the right.
Free skim boarding lessons. Its free. That’s all I should need to say in order to convince you.

Movie Theaters
Roxy Cinema (Right on Palm Bay Road) –  $4 Tuesdays, and the rest of the week its cheaper than the majority of movie theaters.
Premiere Oaks (West Hibiscus Blvd)- Gorgeous redone movie theater, very old-school vibe.

On Campus
Check Clemente’s fitness schedule. They have free classes ranging from kickboxing to Zumba. You get to exercise, meet people and not sit in your room being bored.

Also, check on the sport’s calendar and go support your Florida Tech Panthers! The Hockey Team has their first game on the 17th.

You should re-read my post on clubs and organizations. They’re a great way to stay busy and be part of something and living the college life.

So I hope this helps get you out and moving! Either way, leave a comment if you want to share some other cool places around town.

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