College of Aeronautics Flight Team Wins National Safety Award for Third Time in Four Years

MELBOURNE, FLA.—The Florida Institute of Technology student flight team, the Falcons, recently won the American Airlines Safety Award at the 2009 National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s (NIFA) Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON). The conference was hosted in May by Parks College of St. Louis University.

Sponsored by American Airlines, the award is given annually by NIFA to the flight team that demonstrates the safest practices during SAFECON and at the team’s home base during the past academic year.

Winston Scott, dean of the Florida Tech College of Aeronautics said, “We are so proud of the Falcons and pleased with our outstanding safety program. This award is truly a significant accomplishment in that the Falcons have won this national award three of the past four years.”
This year’s NIFA competition involved 28 of the leading collegiate aviation programs and 335 pilots. The pilots flew into St. Louis from across the country to participate in this event.

The Florida Tech College of Aeronautics offers a world-class flight training environment and a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in the aeronautical sciences. These programs lead to flight and non-flight aviation careers. For more information, visit the college’s website at or call (321) 674-8120.
PHOTO: Falcons faculty adviser Steve Cusick is second from left. Flight team, from left: Greg Fratantaro, Conner Shea, Nick Blouin, Tony Ferendo, David Callender, Tim Wing, Will Rae, Andy Greco, Matt Wentz, Chris Egan

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