How to Get the Most Out of Your College Tour

Two years ago, my best friend and I started volunteering for Panther Pride, Florida Tech’s tour guide club. Through giving tours, I have learned a lot about how to give a good tour and what makes a really great college visit.

1. Schedule your tour a few weeks ahead of time.

You want to make sure you get the date and time that you want.

2. Call the Admissions Office before your visit.

Good questions to ask the admissions staff include:

      ● What all can I do during my visit?

     ● Who should I talk to about financial aid or scholarships?

     ● While I am there, who can I talk to about the club/sport/fraternity/band I am interested in?

     ● What are the local attractions?

     ● Can I see the residence hall I am interested in living in?

3. Ask every question you can think of!

Even if the answer doesn’t matter that much to you, you might learn something else that does matter to you. The answer to a question might help you think of questions you do want answers to. If your tour guide doesn’t know the answer to your question, ask someone else.

Great questions to ask during the tour include:

     ● Why did you pick FIT?

    ● What are the secret study spots?

    ● What’s the coolest place to hang out on campus?

    ● What resources do you use to study (like free tutoring or study sessions)?

   ● How did you make friends?

   ● What kind of clubs or honor societies could I join for my major?

   ● What is the average class size?

 4. Bring a snack.

Seriously. Most tours are at least an hour long, and afterward you might not even have time to get lunch.

5. Take pictures to remind you what the campus looks like.

If you visit several schools, it’s easy to things mixed up. Pictures will help you remember what you liked and didn’t like when touring.

6. Go see the local attractions!

You don’t spend all your time doing schoolwork during college—sometimes you get to do fun stuff, too! Going to see the local attractions will give you a taste of what living in Melbourne could be like. The beach, Melbourne Square Mall, Andretti Thrill Park, and Kennedy Space Center all close to the Florida Tech campus.

You can schedule a visit to Florida Tech here. The admissions office is open 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM Monday- Friday and they can be reached by phone at 321-674-8030.

If you’re a Florida Tech student interested in giving tours, it’s easy! Contact me at and we can get you trained. After shadowing three tours, you give a current tour guide an “exit tour” to make sure you’re ready. Then you’re an official part of Panther Pride!

P.S. If you can’t make it out to one of our tours or if you want a sneak preview from your computer, check out our Virtual Tour!

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