Computer scientists love their algorithms and data structures

I thought I’d take this chance to give all those interested in pursuing a degree in computer science a closer look at one of the classes offered at Florida. CSE 2010: Algorithms and Data Structures is taught at Florida Tech every semester by Dr. Menezes who is the head of the BioComplex (a computer science research department on campus that is now my current employer).

I had the opportunity to take this class during my last semester and I must say that I am glad I went through it. This class is no easy ride for those looking to get an easy A; however, if you stick with it and keep up with the work you can very well get an A. That A will be more beneficial to you than you think. The projects done in class are very stimulating and I assure you that you will learn a lot in that class, even if you think you already know everything there is about computer science.

The course mostly focuses on recurrence relations and then moves onto graphs and trees. Hashing also plays a big part in the course. You will see that data structures are a big part of programming and depending on which you use your performance will vary. This course will teach you which structures are more appropriate in different situations and you will learn how to decide for yourself which you should use.

Programming in the real world is not being given a problem and coding however you want. You have to follow a set of rules set forth by your employer.  Failure to follow the rules will lead to failure in keeping the job. This course helps prepare you for what’s to come.

The coursework you are given is perhaps the most freedom you will have in the class. At the start of the semester you are broken down into groups and given a task. It is entirely up to your group on how you go about completing it. My task was to develop an application for Facebook. This was not an easy task for any of the groups. However, my group and I managed to create a photo editing application. Stay tuned for my next post, where I will share the project, but for now I’m working out some bugs before its big unveiling.


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