A Concrete Canoe? Will it Float?

Who would’ve guessed? Concrete floats! Civil engineering students prove that and more when they join in designing, building and testing a concrete canoe each year. This is a culminating project for many and a true collaborative effort that’s so “real world.” It’s all hands-on when they coat the frame in concrete, reinforce it, polish, sand, stain it and apply the canoe’s name. Names like “Panthera,” “Black Racer” and “Sea Esta.” The university has a tradition going back almost 20 years of delivering some of the most excellent concrete canoes into competition. The Florida Tech concrete canoe finished first in the American Society for Civil Engineers national conference in 1997 and third in 2000. The “Final Countdown” came in first place in the 2011 regional competition, earning the right to go to nationals in Evansville, Ind. They don’t just make a quality product; the team rowers “oar” dynamite contenders, in the men’s and women’s races and coed sprints, too!


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