Conference on Organizational Behavior Management Is Feb. 19-20

Melbourne, FLA. — The Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Network announces its 2009 Behavioral Leadership Conference, Leading during Tough Times. The
aim of the conference, which takes place Feb. 19-20 at Florida’s Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Hotel, is to provide guidance on behavioral leadership.
David Wilder, Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology psychology professor, is conference coordinator.

Today’s global economic challenges are enormous. Long-established multibillion-dollar companies are crumbling, corporate leaders are under intense scrutiny
and the global economy appears to be on the brink of collapse. Despite stunning challenges, business leaders who navigate these waters successfully
understand that now more than ever they must remain close to their customers, employees and shareholders, and provide them with clear direction.

“To do this well they must understand that there is a science behind motivating people and managing performance. The science, called Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA), explains much of what people do and don’t do,” said Wilder.

The 2009 OBM Network conference will explore such critical issues as improving employee performance, learning how to apply behavior management
methodologies for better results in all areas of business, and understanding how organizational behavior management can positively impact a company’s
culture. Conference speakers are among the world’s leading experts in behavioral approaches to leadership, safety and management.

They include:
Leslie Braksick, Ph.D., chairman and co-founder of The Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG); Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D., founder of Aubrey Daniels
International; Scott Geller, Ph.D., founding partner and co-owner of Safety Performance Solutions and Virginia Tech psychology professor; Howard Lees,
managing director of Hollin Consulting Ltd.; Terry McSween, Ph.D., founder and president of Quality Safety Edge; Bruce Faulkner, founder and director of 3
Simple Rules; and Steve Roberts, Ph.D., Safety Performance Solutions.

About the OBM Network
Founded in 1892, the OBM Network exists to develop, enhance and support the growth and vitality of organizational behavior management through research,
education, practice and collaboration. OBM refers to the application of behavioral principles in business and industry. Membership includes academics,
students and business practitioners devoted to applying behavior management methodologies in the workplace. Rapidly expanding, the organization is now at
over 200 members.

Registration is possible online or at the conference each day of the event. For more information call Wilder at (321) 674-7516. To register, visit:

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