Conference Presentations

Several School of Management faculty members made presentations at various conferences held recently in the Central Florida and Jacksonville areas. LuAnn
Bean, Ph.D., professor of accounting, presented a paper entitled “Embracing Blackboard: Effective Strategies for Quality Integration” at the 2004 College
Teaching and Learning Conference, Disney World Florida. Judith Barlow, Ph.D., associate professor of information systems, and David Hott, Ph.D., associate
professor of management, were co-authors. Dr. Bean and Dr. Hott were Plenary Session keynote speakers for the Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional
Development Consortium 25th annual Sharing Conference held in Orlando March 14-16. Their presentation was “Effective Strategies for Quality Integration of
Blackboard.” Dr. Barlow was co-author. Dr. Barlow presented a paper entitled “Implementing Health Economics Policy Rules Using Job Shop Heuristics” at the
IEMS Conference in Cocoa Beach, March 15. Dr. Bean, Dr. Hott, Deborah Carstens, Ph.D., assistant professor of information systems, Dr. Rhiannon Tudor
Edwards and Dr. Ruth Maurer were co-authors. Dr. Hott presented “Successfully Supporting Business Faculty in Teaching with Technology” at the 15th
International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville March 29 through April 2. Dr. Barlow and Dr. Bean were co-authors.

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