Connecting Through Facebook

by Genevieve BeaulieuAerospace Engineering 2015

With just under six weeks until Orientation 2011 and almost all housing assignments out already, many incoming freshmen and transfers are excited to be in their final stages before going to their first class at FIT. Because of Florida Tech’s more condensed student body size, it becomes a close-knit community where everyone knows each other. Like other years have before, this year’s incoming Class of 2015 has already stepped up to the plate by taking advantage of social media to get to know each other even earlier.

“It’s been really easy to connect with people through Facebook, the current students have been so helpful and nice and welcoming,” says Christy Draghetti, incoming freshman. It’s true! Future students are constantly posting on the Florida Tech Class of 2015 Facebook page sharing their majors, what rooms they’re in, where they’re from, and what sports and clubs they plan to pursue. Students that have been at FIT who already know the drill have also been answering all the questions incoming students have been asking. If you haven’t already, go to the page above and find out who your neighbors or teammates will be, and start adding everyone as friends! Sure, many people blame Facebook for taking time away from their day but having one can be very beneficial in college to easily track down what you missed in class one day or quickly make plans with your new friends.

Here’s some of the other FIT Facebook pages to look out for! Keep in mind you have to be logged in to Facebook to see these pages. Make sure you search for more specific ones relevant to you, such as sports, clubs, fraternities, and sororities… most have one!

If you’re a prospective student who will be applying for admission in the future, make sure you check out these pages as well. You’ll easily find more information on the college. Take it a step further and find a few people who go to FIT and message them your questions, they’ll love that you asked and be happy to help you out.

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