What Can You Do With a Construction Management Degree?

What can you do with a construction management degree? Join Pete as he discusses possible career opportunities for students pursuing a degree in construction management in this new installment of, “What can I do with THAT degree?”

Money.USNews.com put it perfectly: Architecture might seem like too much drawing. Civil engineering might seem like too much science. Cost estimating is too much math. Carpentry might be too much labor.

If the above sounds like you, then a degree in construction management might be perfect for you. What do construction managers do? They plan, coordinate, budget and supervise construction projects from development to completion. They have a hand in everything. Many work from a main office or on-site, where they monitor the projects and make decisions about the construction activity.

This is a good career to explore because construction has been rapidly increasing over the years, especially in Florida. There are five construction industries: residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial and environmental.

So, let us delve into what they do!

The first thing you can consider doing after earning your degree in construction management is getting your Certified Construction Manager (CCM) Certificate. The CCM is the “gold standard” in personnel credentials for the construction management profession, and it’s the only construction management certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Construction Management Degree
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If you want to be be a residential construction manager, you will supervise in the building of homes. They lead, budget and supervise in the building of homes. Job duties include managing employees, ensuring safe work conditions, making sure contractors get paid on time, monitoring progress and communicating with the project owner.

If you’re more interested in becoming a commercial construction manager, you’ll be more concerned with winning new business and expanding on avenues of activity. Commercial construction managers are in charge of financial management for projects and coming up with bids for new work, as well negotiating contracts. Commercial construction managers have usually risen up within the ranks and have a lot of background experience in construction. A talent for negotiation and communication is needed in this career.

Construction Management Degree
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If you choose to work in heavy civil construction, then you’ll be responsible for the management of building large projects like bridges, new roads, train tracks and large buildings. It’s a large responsibility, but it’s definitely worth it to help in the planning stages of cities!

If you want to work as an industrial construction manager, you’ll be responsible for planning and supervising projects such as building energy plants, refineries, terminals, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, automotive plants and several other types of projects.

The last type of construction you could possible pursue is environmental construction. As an environmental construction manager, you’d be in charge of projects like demolition, asbestos abatement, lead-based paint abatement, bio-remediation, and disaster and emergency restoration.

Though many of these types all intertwine and relate to each other, each industry is booming and expected to grow in the future. You should have no problem finding a career that best suits you.

Happy job hunting, readers!

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