Construction Management Students Get an “Extreme Makeover”

Want to build a house? Twenty-five construction management and civil engineering students helped build one for ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, from foundation to move-in in only seven days, with the help of Lifestyle Homes. Working day and night beside professionals, students studied plans, laid the foundation, hefted 30-pound concrete blocks, hauled concrete beams, installed windows and doors, painted, landscaped and more! They heaved and they ho’ed, pausing just a bit for some media attention, ’til they finished the job on deadline. Inside, is housework ever done? Like these lamp shades, some assembly required. Now, what else would help? How about a stage for filming VIP press briefings? The stage felt solid to the team whose mothers always told them to clean up after themselves. So they hauled the trash from the construction site, but had to get out and push when they ran out of gas. The devil’s in the details. Educational, fun and for a good cause, it all took sweat, ingenuity and, the great motivator—food. In the end, all agreed: the house was a beauty. These students earned their hard hats!


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