Continuing Education Radar Systems Course Slated for January

– Florida Tech will offer a one-semester course on airborne radar systems for the scientific, engineering and military community of Florida’s Space Coast.
The course, taught by Bob Serody and Dr. Hamid Rassoul, will show how system-engineering principles apply in the design analysis and testing of a
contemporary airborne radar system. The course will be taught on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m., beginning January 11.

“The remarkable advances in airborne radar technology have become so cloaked in technical jargon and complex mathematics that many technical people and
engineering managers have completely lost touch with the field,” said Rassoul. “Happily, virtually all current radar technology is based upon simple
physics principles that anyone can grasp who understands elementary algebra and trigonometry, and is familiar with the laws of electricity and magnetism.”

To learn more, contact the Florida Tech Department of Physics and Space Sciences at 674-8795.

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