Countless Opportunities in Tech

This last week has really been eye opening in the fact that we’ve had a lot of guest speakers in the computer science department including representatives from  GE, Intel and Mozilla (just to name a few). I’ve attended these events and they’ve been very informative and reassuring that big companies like to recruit students from FIT. We were even given the opportunity to turn our resumes into the visiting companies. It’s all about networking and getting our names out there that will hopefully help us to land our dream job.  It’s really amazing to have top tier companies come and try to get potential new workers from your school. We have a career fair coming up where we can give out our resumes to even more potential companies! I’m only a freshman so I probably won’t get a job, but I’m getting my name out to companies like Microsoft during my first year here! I absolutely love it. It makes me have a great sense of pride in my school and that I made the right choice when I chose FIT. It has me extremely excited about the coming years and what’s in store for me. Hopefully the Co-op program is the path I’ll be taking so I can find some internships, get acquainted with a company and get work experience before I’m even out of college.

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