A Day in the Life of a Second Semester Senior

As a second semester senior in marine biology, it is very difficult to care about anything other than graduation. Wait? I still have homework? Obligations? PRIORITIES?! A day in the life of a second semester senior is supposed to be an easy task if you plan it correctly. Unless you’re me. If so, then you just make your life more difficult than it needs to be… 

I start off my day by pretending to wake up on time. Still exhausted from lack of sleep from the previous night, I set three alarms or more to wake up to in the morning, each spaced about 5 minutes apart. Once I’m finally able to force myself out of bed, I acquire some breakfast, usually in the liquid variety (a.k.a. coffee). Sometimes if I’m really hungry, I’ll get solid food. But I definitely need a coffee IV in the every morning to keep me awake and ready to go.

After breakfast, I have class from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This semester, I am taking Ecophysiology, a class about how physiology of fishes is affected due to environmental changes, Reproduction of Marine Fishes, a course that discusses the physiological and behavioral characteristics of reproduction, and Marine Ecology, a senior class on the function of marine biotic systems.

Following class, I spend countless hours in my lab until I want to gauge my eyes out with a pair of forceps, measuring and staging ladyfish leptocephalus larvae.

After spending many hours in my lab, I move on to go to work, either cashiering, working on line, or delivering pizzas through the Rathskeller Eatery.

If I manage to have any sort of free time after all of these other commitments (not including my extracurriculars), I get to complete service projects with my fellow pledges and the wonderful brothers of Alpha Phi Omega – Alpha Gamma Rho. These people keep me sane!

Your senior year is all about what you make it to be, and it can be as difficult or as easy as you want. But the trick is to have amazing people around you and to have a some fun once in awhile (like I do with my APO friends).

Graduation is almost here!



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