Being a new student at Florida Tech can be overwhelming, but what makes the transition easier is knowing what and who your resources are. Each department has many different resources available to students. These include software and laboratory materials, but the resource that most people forget about is people! In the Biology Department there are a few thing you need to know: your academic advisor, your professors, and Dee Dee.

Dee Dee Van Horn is one of the best resources in the biology department and who I call, “The Bio Ninja.” Dee Dee takes care of pretty much everything that happens in the department. She’s in the biology office all day making appointments, scheduling tours, contacting different people in the department for whatever issues arise and taking time to listen to other people talk about their day and their problems.

If you need a specific research paper or article for a class, Dee Dee has it. If you need to meet with your advisor or schedule an appointment for a different professor, Dee Dee is who you talk to. If you’re in an organization that requires a room reservation, guess who you go see? That’s right, Dee Dee! Dee Dee is one of the most useful people in the biology department, and is always willing to sit down and talk if you really need her.

Another plus to introducing yourself to Dee Dee and getting to know her? Not only do you get the satisfaction of introducing yourself to the department that you chose to become family with, but Dee Dee has free candy! Dee Dee is a great person to get to know, especially for incoming freshman, so stop by, say hello, ask her how her day is, and appreciate that we have such a wonderful woman working in the biology department to take care of us.

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