Delicia Lewis Presents: Panther Prep Steps

Hey guys! Do you want to know what’s so great about our Career Fair this coming October 2nd?

PANTHER PREP STEPS! You don’t know what Panther Prep Steps are? Well, let me tell you. Panther Prep Steps is a 4 step process to assist you with your first experience meeting and speaking to an employer. Just for going through these steps, you receive an incentive. How cool is that?! Let me break it down to you and enlighten you on these four steps.

Panther Prep Steps 1Step 1 – Handshake and eye contact. At this step, you learn the proper way to shake an employer’s hand as well as give good eye contact. A good handshake should be firm, but not tight, 3 shakes and then disengage all while giving eye contact and smiling.

Step 2 – Personal Introduction. You should start with your name, major, and expected graduation date. Talk about the current positions that are open and that you’ve applied for. Be sure to speak clearly and articulate your words if you have an accent to keep from having to repeat yourself. Discuss with the recruiter how your major fits with that company.Panther Prep Steps 2

Step 3 –  Employer Research. This step is very important in helping you with your personal introduction as well as to learn more about the company you’ve put an application in with or plan to. Many employers say that one of the things they look for in students is if they know about the company. It is important to know what they do and in turn, they will get to know how you fit in with what they do.

Panther Prep Steps 3

Step 4 – Professional Attire. Now just because this step is last doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. On the contrary, it is EXTREMELY important. Before you even get to do step one, an employer has already evaluated you by what you have on. Professional dress and/or business casual is strongly encouraged to make a great first impression to an employer at the Career Fair, so dress accordingly.Panther Prep Steps 4

Now that you know what the Panther Prep Steps are, I hope to see many of you making the decision to prepare to meet these employers by going through these steps. Good luck at the Career Fair!

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