Discovery Day Fall 2011

So, how did everyone enjoy Discovery Day this past month? I’m actually quite excited about the fact that I get to meet new students who are just like me: same interests, same career goals, same academic stance, etc, etc…the list is endless. So for those still continuing to read this, I was very happy in meeting most of you that came out and experienced life here at Florida Tech in gorgeous Melbourne, Florida.

Now just to share some insight from the other side of the fence, I am also a freshman. I’ve now gained a “been-there-and-almost-done-that” type of feeling as I come close to completing my first semester here, but I still look back and see how much I grown. Florida Tech is not only an amazing private research institution with high-quality professors and curriculum, but it’s a great place to grow. It’s far from average. I love it here, and hopefully you guys are starting to get an idea of why we are so unique.

A lot of the prospective students I interviewed are from North Carolina, California, and even some from our sunny state of Florida. Most of the Floridians are from the Orlando, Tampa, and Panhandle areas, but nonetheless, Florida Tech welcomes you! From all the notes I took from talking with each and every one of you (along with our fellow blogger Genevieve; you can check out her blog here), I saw quite a trend…a lot of you are really into our ocean engineering degree program. Although I am not in the College of Engineering just yet (you will see why in my next post), I can say students currently studying under that major are quite happy with their coursework from conversations I’ve had with several ocean engineering degree majors.

Now that you have explored campus and have a sense of the majors we offer, take the time to research the right major for you. Florida Tech has over 60 degree programs!


Well I know I’m excited for Fall 2012 to hurry up and take flight and I can’t wait to meet the class of 2016!  Thank you guys for taking the time out and talking with the blogging staff. For those who did not attend Discovery Day the next one will be April 21st, 2012, register here.



In the meantime, start exploring all the goodies Florida Tech has on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, you can even start connecting with your fellow classmates on the class of 2016 Facebook page. There is even a page for the ‘rents here.

I just happen to be searching tags of “FIT” or “Florida Tech” on YouTube and this is what I got on my results page:

A “Skateboard Tour” seems like a great way to not only show off our beautiful campus to the Class of 2016, but also an alternative way of transportation once you guys settle in next fall! So start looking for boards if you don’t have one. We are a skateboard friendly campus, after all.

Panther Dining Hall has a sweet skateboard rack
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