Discovery Day Tells All

Florida Tech recently hosted one of their full-day campus events known as “Discovery Day” for prospective students. These students received tours filled with information relevant to both what they want to study as well as what life is like here on the beautiful Space Coast campus. I had the opportunity to volunteer for part of the event as a writer here on Florida Tech’s blog and while I was answering questions I also mixed in asking my own questions mainly concerned with what new students love or want to know more of about the university. Here’s a slice of the most common thoughts that I heard back.

“So, there’s been a lot of additions lately.” Why yes, there has been! Take for example some from just within the past year. There’s a new dining hall that has a good variety of food. There’s mostly the same items so you know what to expect each day with many specialty items each day to mix it up when you feel like it. The new pool hosts not only students who want to go for a swim, but our first ever competitive swimming team. There’s also been a lot of hype about the new football team coming in 2013 and a lot of people are excited about how this team will expand our school’s internal spirit and external profile. The football team continues to grow, there are almost 50 football players on campus already!

“Is there a ton of homework?” Every teacher is different and every student has their own definition of “a ton” when it comes to assignments, so I’m not going to answer that. However, now that I have your attention with a frequently asked question, I’ll talk about the academics in general. The stellar accolades our school takes pride in certainly don’t come out of nowhere. You have to work hard to do well here, as well as be prepared to take it up a notch from simply doing well on an assignment. “High Tech with a Human Touch” is lived here within the students. Behind the students there is a business sense that is crucial in moving forward in today’s economy and our instantly connected society.

 “This campus is gorgeous! (…but will it just get old? Will I ever adjust to it if I’m used to snow?)” Ah, the benefits of being in beautiful Florida. You’re right, palm trees are all around and a cute creek runs right through campus in the botanical gardens. The scenery makes every day at Florida Tech feel like a little bit of a vacation when you need it to be. It never gets old. If you come from somewhere with a less fortunate climate, of course you’re going to not be accustomed to the heat and humidity. Coming from New England, it took me a good solid month to get used to the humidity here to be honest, but it’s well worth it now that I’m enjoying every second that I’m down here.

These are just a few of the common thoughts that I heard throughout the day. One overall common theme I could take from Discovery Day is that the incoming class of 2016 are extremely enthusiastic about coming here and that they are already interested in knowing the ins and outs of Florida Tech. You guys rock! Can’t wait to meet all of you who decide attend Florida Tech!

Prospective students… yes YOU! Maybe you weren’t able to attend Discovery Day, or you went to one but had some additional questions afterwards (or ones you thought were too small but you wished you asked). All it takes is communicating your questions through the Class of 2016 Facebook page, comment on any of my posts, or by reaching me on Facebook or Twitter to get them personally answered by a current student :).

If you weren’t able to make it to Discovery Day, the next one will be April 21st, 2012. Register here.

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