Distance Learning Study

School of Management faculty members Alexander Vamosi, Ph.D., Michael Slotkin, Ph.D., and Barbara Pierce, Ph.D., have co-authored a paper that has been
accepted for presentation at the Mid-South Association of Business Disciplines conference in Jackson, MS, on February 6. Dr. Pierce, associate dean and
associate professor of accounting, is presenting the paper which is titled “Student Performance in Distance Learning Versus Traditional Learning Delivery
modes: Paired Sample and Independent-Sample Results.” Dr. Vamosi, assistant professor of economics, teaches macroeconomics and business statistics. His
interests are income inequality, technology and growth and monetary policy. Dr. Slotkin, assistant professor of economics, teaches microeconomics and
managerial economics. His interests are strategic trade and commercial profiles, welfare reform and public assistance and economics of the environment. Dr.
Pierce teaches financial accounting. Her research interests center around the financial market’s reaction and the use of accounting information and gender
effects. She is also interested in incorporating distance learning and Web enhancements into the accounting curriculum.

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