Don’t Be Afraid to Pursue Government Contracts

(Photo: Kegman, Inc. Staff)

I have the opportunity to work with many business owners that are facing the challenges of sustaining their small businesses in limited local, commercial markets. I also have Women’s Business Center clients that have had great success with government contracting. In most cases, clients tend to focus on one or the other primarily, but to all you small business owners out there that have been shying away from bidding on government work, don’t! It could prove to be a great revenue stream for you.

This month one of our IGNITE graduates Susan Glasgow, pictured above – who has vast experience working with the government – addresses some of the misperceptions you may have about bidding on government contracts. While there is undeniably a lot of competition out there for such contracts, once you’ve been through the bid process a few times, you’ll feel much more comfortable going for these opportunities. Susan shares some seasoned advice about local resources you can use, certifications that will give you an edge over the competition, and much more. Click Here to read her column in FLORIDA TODAY this week and go for it!

Blog post written by Beth Gitlin, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Susan Glasgow, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on August 5, 2014 – The Edge: Not just ‘big business’ competes for government contracts

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