Dr. Domagalski to Study Workplace Anger

Theresa Domagalski, Ph.D., associate professor of management, has been awarded a summer research grant by the School of Management faculty development
committee. The award consists of $1,000 and a one-class teaching load reduction for the fall 2004 semester. Committee members include Julie Siciliano,
Ph.D., professor of management; LuAnn Bean, Ph.D., professor of accounting; Roger Manley, Ph.D., professor of management; and Michael Slotkin, Ph.D.,
assistant professor of management. Dr. Domagalski’s research will be focused on “the effects of social norms and status on the expression of anger at
work.” Her interests are “concerned with better understanding the more mundane events that occur during the course of day to day work routines which result
in the experience of negative emotions among employees, and which may or may not lead to overt angry responses.” Interest in workplace anger began with the
much publicized incidents of workplace violence and homicides by disgruntled former employees during the past 10 years and known colloquially as “going
postal,” according to Dr. Domagalski. She notes that incidents such as these are “both extreme and infrequent.” Her study proposes to address how status
differences “influence the way that anger is manifested by employees.” She will also study how gender influences behavioral expression of anger. Dr.
Domagalski teaches human resource management, employment law and organizational behavior.

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