Dr. LuAnn Bean investigates International Outsourcing

LuAnn Bean, Ph.D., CPA, CIA, CFE and School of Management professor of accounting, has published “The Profits and Perils of International Outsourcing” in
the September/October 2003 issue of the Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance. Dr. Bean’s article investigates how companies are outsourcing work
abroad and offers advice to help them choose the right outsourcing model for their particular needs. She writes that this global trend is transforming
everything from call centers to credit cards and is now a mainstream business practice in manufacturing, technology, and service industries. According to
Dr. Bean, there are both benefits and dangers that must be considered. Dr. Bean has published articles in many professional journals and is actively
involved in several professional organizations, including the American Accounting Association and the American Society of Women Accountants.

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