Eagle and Gold Award Scouts Can Earn $10,000 Annual Scholarships

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Among the variety of scholarships and grants available to new, first-year students at Florida Institute of Technology is a scholarship available only to Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Girl Scouts. These stellar scouts are guaranteed a minimum scholarship of $10,000 a year. If the student is eligible for a higher merit award, based on grade point average, SAT or ACT score and co-curricular activities, the student will receive that award instead.

“The key to financing an education is to start planning early. The more parents and students know about the different sources of financial aid, including the award for exceptional scouts, the better their position,” said Gary Hamme, vice provost for Enrollment Management.

For comprehensive information to help make the best decision to meet financial aid needs at Florida Tech, visit: www.fit.edu/financialaid/sources.php

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