Earthquake Hero Now a Florida Tech Freshman

 Making the Grade—Ma Jian (center), began Florida Institute of Technology studies this fall as a biology major. Officials were moved and inspired by the selflessness shown by the young man in Yingxiu Village following the Sichuan Province earthquake of May 2008. They were so impressed, in fact, that they awarded the Chinese youth a full scholarship to the university last year. Ma Jian spent five hours in pouring rain to dig out his classmate, Xiang Xiaolian with bare hands. He then helped two others who were trapped, offering drinking water in the dim glow of a small lighter. “We were just so impressed with this determined young man who risked his personal safety to rescue others. It would make us very proud to have him at our university,” said Florida Tech President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony J. Catanese. Pictured with Ma Jian and Catanese (right) is Stephanie Enstice, associate director of international admission (left).

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