Passion + Work = Fun

(Photo: Tina Lange)

Before I started my own business three years ago, I worked in corporate environments for about 15 years, providing PR counsel to CEOs and other company executives.

While I did feel some sense of authority and respect in that environment, ultimately there were folks at the top who could squash my decisions at a whim. For that reason, I was very careful to follow corporate methodologies, language and preferences. Being a chameleon came with the job.

Yet in my off-time, I was always the ruler of my own universe. Certainly as a mother I took charge of my children’s day-to-day activities. But I also had hobbies to round out my professional life — dabbling in such activities as snowboarding, scrapbooking, roller derby, motorcycling.

Today, the precious off time I enjoy is typically spent playing poker with friends. Even in this hobby, I am faced with making critical decisions at every moment — empowered by calling my own shots — and of course, reaping the rewards (and sometimes lessons learned) in the process. I have to take risks, read the field and make decisions accordingly.

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