Women in Manufacturing

For some career-focused women and students, the idea of entering into a manufacturing career might seem unappealing … some of us immediately get visuals of Rosie the Riveter, standing on an assembly line in a manufacturing plant, sweating over components while getting paid minimum wage for a somewhat thankless job of assembling widget after widget after widget …

I’m here to tell you this notion is old-fashioned. There are truly some incredible opportunities for women in the manufacturing world. Today, local companies are owned by women, hiring women in roles of management such as production managers, vice presidents and CFOs. Savvy companies know having a woman-owned and/or -led business gives you a distinct advantage among the competition when it comes to trying to secure sometimes elusive government contracts.

When I was a child, my grandfather owned a tool and die shop — needless to say there wasn’t a woman in sight. When I first got into manufacturing and donned my first spotless white lab coat and clean room booties, I quickly realized the manufacturing world had changed.

No more dirty assembly environment. These businesses are high tech, processes are computerized, work areas incredibly clean. When you walk most manufacturing facilities today; you’ll see clean, desirable work environments, with plenty of room for career advancement. It is no longer the “good ole’ boys” network.

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