The perks of small business

(Photo: Sylvia Garner)

When I left a very large company almost 20 years ago to join DragonPoint, a software services company with less than 10 employees, my strongest incentive was balancing work with being a mom for my first-grader and new baby.

For those of you who are considering a similar change (for any reason), here are several questions to ask yourself as you contemplate a move that may feel like jumping from an ocean liner into a rowboat:

  • How secure is your job? As strongly as I was attracted to the flexibility promised at DragonPoint, I was equally worried about leaving the security of big business. In my corporate life, I had an indirect contribution to the bottom line. At DragonPoint, my work directly impacts the company’s profitability. When you’re in a position that generates revenue, that’s real job security.
  • Do your customers know your name (and do you want them to)? I worked with many divisions in my big company, but not a single external customer knew my name.

Now my clients know me, and the pleasure of satisfying clients with high-quality solutions is worth the risk of being accountable when things don’t work exactly as planned. Everybody likes being a hero, but are you willing to face clients and deal with the consequences of failures?

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