Education At Its Finest, the mechanical engineering program.

So let’s talk about the real reason why everyone goes to college: classes.

For freshmen, making that “high school to college style class” transition can seem like a pretty big deal, and that’s because it is a big deal. Getting used to having classes on different days, at different times, in different buildings is overwhelming. Not to mention the heart attack one gets from seeing how much money is spent on text books which doesn’t ease the stress either. But there are definitely more pros than cons while making such a big change. You get to study what you want, what you love. The professors are realistic, most of the time in a pretty good mood, and they treat you like an adult. Not to mention that the amount of money you pay for tuition is a great motivation to get you to class. It really just becomes all about you. What you want to learn, the effort you put into it and how much you push yourself– it’s no one else’s decision but your own, and that’s huge!

My first semester schedule here at FIT is definitely going to push me. Taking 19 credits in the very beginning is not at all easy, but knowing all the experiences the classes have in store for me makes it so much easier to wake up for 8:00 am classes. The brilliant tactic about FIT’s curriculum is that they place you in classes for your major right away.

Being in the mechanical engineering program, I was placed into a class called Intro to Mechanical Engineering taught by Dr. Larochelle. This is definitely going to be my favorite class by far! On the first day (after going over the syllabus and typical first day procedures,) Dr. Larochelle gave a power point presentation on what it means to be a mechanical engineer, and where it will take us in the field. He spoke with so much passion and love for engineering that it automatically drew me in further into the love I already had for the subject and solidified my decision to start the mechanical engineering program at Florida Tech. It gave me the confidence and security of being 100% sure that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. And that’s not the only class that has me super excited for the rest of the semester. My Sci/Tech Communications teacher has us working with a charity in order to give us experience and to learn about formal presentations in the business and scientific world. That’s real world experience that we’ll be working with hands on from day one!

It’s all of these high level classes with brilliant professors that make Florida Tech true to its “high tech with a human touch” motto. If you are looking for exciting and challenging classes taught by some of the best professors, look no further than Florida Tech, especially the mechanical engineering program.

Class of 2015, what did you think of your first week of school?

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