10 Top Companies for Electrical Engineering Degree Grads

ECApply your skills toward a career creating and maintaining cutting edge electrical systems businesses need

electrical engineering degree
A Boeing assembly plant in Washington State.

When you earn your electrical engineering degree from Florida Tech, you will want to find a job that uses the skills you’ve developed during your studies. Many companies need electrical engineers, but here are some of the top companies for electrical engineering degree graduates.

1. Lockheed Martin

If working on projects that will help defend the U.S. and protect the military sounds like a good career path, you won’t do any better than working at Lockheed Martin with some of the best engineers the country has to offer. You may work on sensitive projects that require your secrecy, though, so be sure you can handle that before applying.

2. Texas Instruments

TI offers the highest average salary of all companies hiring electrical engineers at just over $100,000. If you’re an electrical engineering student who’s fascinated with semiconductor and microchip technologies, TI might be a great fit for you when you graduate.

3. Intel

Intel is another field leader in semiconductor development and production, with nearly the same level of pay as TI. They make highly regarded chips and processors for laptops and other devices as well, and they hire large numbers of electrical engineering degree graduates to stay at the top of their game.

4. Boeing

Boeing is one of the largest aeronautics companies in the world, continually advancing in the field. They need electrical engineers to build better planes and develop new technologies to make their existing fleets work even better.

5. Tesla

Tesla is the world’s foremost manufacturer of electric cars. This means electrical engineers will always be needed there to improve on existing technologies and continue to make electric cars better with each new model. If you’re an electrical engineering student who is interested in working for one of the world’s most innovative companies, Tesla is worth a look!

electrical engineering degree
IBM continues to be a strong leader in computer hardware technologies.

6. IBM

IBM has been around since the beginning of the computer age, and the company continues to develop new technologies in computer hardware for businesses and individuals. New electrical engineering grads will be challenged to grow and change when working for this powerhouse.

7. Google

Google is another innovator that constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on a daily basis. If you pride yourself on meeting challenging goals as well as creating systems more advanced than any other in the field, Google might be the ideal corporate environment for you.

8. Apple

Apple has some of the world’s best research and development. Electrical engineering graduates will be needed to create the next generation of iPhones, MacBooks and other Apple devices. They are also known as one of the best places to work because of its superior work environment and compensation packages.

9. General Electric

General Electric is becoming known for its sustainability practices. They also have become an innovator in using alternative energy sources that help the environment. The GE Aviation subsidiary makes aircraft engines for commercial and military aircraft as well.

10. Shell Oil Company

Shell has employees all over the world working to develop better electrical processes to power its oil, mining, and extraction activities. If you’re an electrical engineering student who wants to work in various places around the world to make oil extraction safer and more efficient, a job with Shell may be to your liking.

Many other companies also need electrical engineers to operate at peak efficiency. If you’re interested in the field of electrical engineering, Florida Tech offers electrical engineering degrees to help you build a lucrative career and even has relationships with some of these top companies. Download the electrical engineering program brochure to take your first step toward an exciting career.


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